Full Change Benz New S-Class Launched 2020


Mercedes-Benz’s next generation S-Class has been spotted testing in the cold.

The current S-Class (W222) was introduced in 2013 as a 6th generation model.

It was released in November of the same year in Korea and later, the Maybach S-Class was added through the sub-branded Maybach in 2014.
The current model was released in Korea in September 2017 as a partial change model.

2020 benz S-Class

The new S-Class, which will be released in 2020, will be a full-change model with a completely new design and advanced technology.

The new S-Class will be powered by an electric powertrain with a mild hybrid to improve efficiency.

The new S-Class powertrain will consist of a gasoline turbo engine, the latest diesel engine and a plug-in hybrid.

All powertrains in the new S-Class will be equipped with a 48V-mile hybrid system called the EQ boost. A starter-generator and electric motor will be included as standard.

2020 benz S-Class

There is no significant change in the new S-Class projection covered by the gastrointestinal membrane.

Long wheelbase and bonnet, unique to rear wheel drive models, as well as traditional window graphics of the current S-Class.

The biased cabins are the same as before, but the wheelhouse is growing and the roofline is changing.

Of course, the front and rear designs that are completely hidden are expected to see significant changes.

The flat bonnet of the test car is a cover to hide the silhouette.

I’m looking forward to this class because it’s different from actual mass-produced cars.
Note that the door handle is likely to have an electric storage system.


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