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monster supercar Benz amg gt 63s

A car that can compete in the high-performance Grand Touring Car sedan market dominated by Porsche Panamera
It was released by Benz.

Add practicality and space utilization to the previous two-seater AMG GT.
The four-seater version is a notable addition to the Family saloon.

Its exterior is based on the E-Class sedan and has an image of a luxury sedan.
When you enter a circuit, it’s like a racing car.

The AMG defined the car as a “Street Legal Racer” because it’s a big deal.
Zero-back from standstill to 100 km/h in 3.2 seconds.
This is because it boasts 639 horsepower, about three times that of a regular sports sedan.

Vehicle specification

– AMG 4.0l V8 Vuitarbo Engine (M177)
– Maximum power 639 horsepower
– Maximum torque 91.7kg·m
– 3.2 seconds zero-back

Benz amg gt 63s

The front of the Benz amg g 63s is equipped with a vertical grille, which is a symbol of AMG tradition.
Looking from behind, it’s like a “shooter” that flies in the blink of an eye.
Coupé’s sleek, well-done appearance supports this.

The beauty of this car is that it is successful even as a family car.
Inside is a wide screen with two 12.3 inch high resolution displays.
Super Sport Concepts Instrument Panel presents colorful graphics digitally.
In particular, LCD monitors installed in the rear seats have a speedometer function.
Although it is a sports model, the four doors are not enough for convenient use in everyday life, and the whole family can enjoy it.
Sports cars are not enough.

It is manufactured separately at the AMG plant.
After completion of the fabrication, the engineer’s name is inscribed on the engine. One technician is responsible for one engine.
Benz’s One Man-One Engine philosophy, despite its high price,
I think I can feel the charm of this car.


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