Ryu Hyun-jin has completed his contract! Which team is Toronto Blue Jays?


Ryu Hyun-jin left the Los Angeles Dodgers.
I’ve agreed to join Toronto Blue Jays for four years and 80 million dollars.

A player who was facing a life crisis shot 19 seasons career high.
I think the second place in Cy Young after Digrom player did a great job.

Ryu’s terms of contract are no opt-out (a clause that allow him to break an existing contract once he has met certain conditions).
I have a contract with the right to refuse trade. Maybe the reason why Toronto Blue Jays spent so much money is because…
I think he saw Ryu as the team’s first starter.

toronto blue jays

Toronto, founded in 1977, is an American League East Division team.
It has an ointment in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The home stadium is Rogers Center.
Toronto has cold weather except for summer, as Rogers Center is an open and closed dome.
Analysts say Ryu is not bad to control his condition.

The Toronto, which belongs to the New York Yankees, Boston Red Sox, and other traditional powers,
In 1992 and 1993, he won two World Series titles, and six world No. 1 titles.

Well, the Earth’s team is so powerful that we can’t predict the future.
Wasn’t Ryu not the choice to challenge for the presidency within the next two years?
In fact, the Toronto Blue Jays are determined to strengthen their power in the Stove League this year.

Toronto local journalist Joey Vendetta recently appeared on the Sportnet radio.
“Torrento is going to wear the Blue Jays uniform to FA’s biggest language, Garrett Cole.
I offered a $300 million contract.”

With Vladimir Guerrero Jr. first, Toronto has many attractive hitters and prospects.
With the reinforcement of the starting lineup, the New York Yankees, the Boston Red Sox, and so on, we’re going to be able to find a way to make it to the American League East.
It is an expression of our commitment to compete in earnest.

U.S. local media, 12up, may be sad that Toronto missed Garrett Cole.
“It’s a successful move,” Ryu said. “If the end is good, everything is good.”

I think it’s good to look forward to Toronto’s great performance during the 2020 season.


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