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What’s Drake’s dicision about his video “War”?

Drake dicide to remove “Chair Girl” from his video “War”

Drake prepared Christmas presents for fans with his new music “War”. He released a video in a wonderful snowplow with new music on Christmas Eve. Reaction to the video was hot in many ways, with the biggest controversy coming from ‘the unthinkable’.

Drake, Drake single, war
Drake’s recent song ‘War’ release anouncement at twitter

Fans found Marcella Zoia starring in his video, so-called “Chair Girl.” She threw her chair out of the balcony on the 45th floor of her condo in Toronto as a joke, and is standing trial for it and awaiting a Jan. 14 ruling. Fortunately, no one was hurt, but she is being criticized by the public for this.

Marcella Zoia, Chair girl, Toronto Chair girl

When fans found Marcella Zoia in Drake’s video and this turned out to be true, netizens protested loudly. Fortunately, however, things didn’t get any bigger here. Drake responded quickly to the fans’ protests, and he decided to take her out of his video altogether. He posted on his Instagram story: “I don’t choose extras for my videos by the way ” complete with a chair emoji. Glad to hear that irresponsible attention-seekers aren’t getting their 15 minutes this time around.


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