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HiphopNumbers’ new decade’s record, what’s the result?

Cardi B promises a great 2020 to keep up her impressive record.

You’re probably tired of statistics for the end of the year and 10 years by now. Data has been consolidated by almost all streaming services and publications to determine which artists dominate the music industry. While the results are often predictable, HipHopNumbers shared a chart highlighting quite interesting facts.

Hip-hop Number, a statistics-focused Twitter and Instagram account, cited the most commercially successful hip-hop activities of the past decade based on RIAA certification. The rappers were divided into three layers, with Drake well ahead of the others and placed in the position of his category “God.” There is a $138 million gap between Drake’s sales and those of Nikki Minaj, the second-largest artist.

hiphop ranking, rapper ranking

The ranking shows Cardi B moving up to the second division despite his relatively short musical career. Cardi stumbled upon the chart on Instagram and reposted it to encourage her for this remarkable achievement. She said : “Almost 3 years in the game ! Sooo proud of myself .Im anxious and excited for 2020.Thank you everyone who supports my music .Momma Bardi loves you ….now back to bed I go.”

HipHopByNumbers shaded DJ Akademiks in their post for making a similarly tier-divided list, but based on no objective criterion liked RIAA certifications. You could check out Akademik’s rankings below.

DJ Akademiks, Hiphop ranking, rapper ranking


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