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Home MUSIC Hip Hop Drake teased by Tory Lanez & Lil Baby for his big earrings.

Drake teased by Tory Lanez & Lil Baby for his big earrings.

Drake has recently pierced his ears and his peers are trolling.

At the age of 33, Drake finally decided to pierce his ear to endure some pain and wear big diamond earrings. He felt he wasn’t enough for a million-dollar watch, and now he has an expensive one on his ear for fear that people might forget that he has a lot of money. Drake showed off his new earrings to social media feeds. His friends commented on him with many expressions.

drake, drake instagram

Drake’s only intention of uploading a new photo is to use a snowflake emoji to show off his ring, chain and earlobe accessories. Tory Lanez, who had had a diss with Drake, again teased Drake, without remaining idle. He said : “The man got his ears pierced and don’t know how to act ….. in two months cuz gone have the CAMRONS,” Lil Baby wrote in the comments, praising Tory Lanez’ drip. : “My earrings like baseball.”

tory lanez, lil baby, tory lanez trolling, drake

Elsewhere, Guapdad 4000 teased Drake, comparing his pose to DJ Khaled. “Can’t stop showing them lobes , you on yo DJ Khaled pose phase now?” he asked.

What do you think of Drake’s earrings? Is it too much or is it still necessary?


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